Getting Healthier

Before knowing what Matt would undergo, we knew whatever it was would be a challenge for his body.  We also knew that he might be facing this chordoma thing for a long time and so the best way he could prepare his body was to get healthier (Matt was already very healthy and active!).

TIP: Only your doctor can really tell you what you can safely to prepare for surgery.  Once you actually schedule surgery, the hospital will have their own recommendations.

To start, Matt visited several friends who are nutritionists for advice and upgraded his vitamins.  A believer in alternative treatments recommended Matt starting taking turmeric powder daily.  Just googling “turmeric” and “tumor” we found enough information to convince us that it’s worth a shot.   Matt also cut out any bad sugars and junk food (which he didn’t eat a lot of anyway), started juicing more regularly, and remained active daily.

Last, Matt steered clear of any opportunity to catch the flue or get a cold so he wouldn’t risk being sick for surgery.

We don’t know if any of this made a difference in Matt’s recovery or not but think it did and Matt is intending to continue these healthy habits after surgery.

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