First Steps

After Matt was diagnosed, we got very busy. In a nutshell of 10 steps, here’s what we did before we scheduled surgery:

  1. Obtained 15+ copies of his MRI report from the hospital
  2. Told our close friends and family what was going on, started reaching out to find recommendations for surgeons who specialize in chordomas, and did our own research.
  3. Contacted the insurance company
  4. Focused on getting Matt as physically healthy as possible to beat this thing and recovery quickly
  5. Made doctors appointments close to home with the local neurosurgeon and with the primary care physician
  6. Made doctors appointments with neurosurgeons that specialize in skull base surgery within in driving distance (4-5 hours) from us in bigger cities.
  7. Mailed our MRI’s out to any other surgeon leads or referrals (especially those too far to travel to) in effort to get more opinions
  8. Set up phone consults with surgeons who received the MRI’s and others specializing in this field as well as reached out to other patients.
  9. Came to the agreement that surgery should take place in the next month or two based on similar opinions between all surgeons (this could be different for others)
  10. Narrowed down our top surgeons, slept on it, and visited the one we liked best to make our final decision.

The next pages will go in to these steps in a little more detail with relation to Matt’s experience.


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